It’s Whole 30 Time!

I’ve been eating Paleo(ish) for a little over a year now. It started when Peanut was about 3 months old. I was having some strange skin issues which seemed to be related to what I was eating. Every evening after dinner, I would experience itching all over my scalp, and sometimes my neck and face as well. I tried tracking what I ate to figure out what was causing it, but there didn’t seem to be one specific culprit. I had also just been diagnosed with rosacea, which had surfaced about 4 months into my pregnancy. Although I had hoped it would improve after Peanut was born and my hormones calmed down, it continued to worsen. I started following a Primal template in an attempt to stop the madness.

Well, flash forward a year and the food intolerances are gone! Almost as soon as I gave up gluten (which I did a week before I started eating full-blown Paleo), the reactions went from nightly to weekly. I still had reactions every now and then for the next couple of months, but they completely stopped after that. Yay!

There were other benefits as well. Even though I was pretty sleep-deprived for those first few months, my energy was pretty steady throughout the day. I was less likely to overeat the way I did when my diet was full of processed foods. As a result, I lost the ‘baby weight’ without making a huge effort or embarking on a time-consuming fitness routine.

But sadly, going Primal is not a panacea. My rosacea has actually gotten worse instead of better. And the overeating has snuck back in, too. Partly because I’ve gotten much better at making some pretty yummy Paleo ‘treats’, and partly because, well, life really sucks sometimes and I am definitely an emotional eater.

I’ve been planning on doing some sort of ‘reset’ for a while now, but due to my tendency to procrastinate, it keeps getting put off. But the time has come. No more procrastinating, no more excuses. My first Whole 30 begins tomorrow! And to really add to the excitement, my longtime Paleo-skeptic husband is joining me! Hopefully, this won’t be like the time he found out I was pregnant and vowed to give up alcohol with me for 9 months only to cave about 4 days later. (Sorry, hubby, you are the best, most supportive partner ever and I love you very, very much.:)

A friendly reminder for the fridge door :)
A friendly reminder for the fridge door 🙂

I’ve got a fridge full of delicious Whole 30-compliant meals, and I’m ready for a fresh start. My biggest challenge is going to be battling my sugar demon. I absolutely love having something sweet with my afternoon coffee. At some point in my life, this afternoon delight went from special treat to everyday necessity. Amidst the craziness when Peanut was small, this afternoon treat got phased out, but lately, it’s been back with a vengeance. Sure, instead of a huge sticky bun it may be coconut macaroons, but sugar is sugar. Even though those macaroons are sweetened with Paleo-appropriate maple syrup instead of those sweet white crystals (you know which ones I mean), my body still responds with a massive sugar crash come 4 o’clock. The reason I decided on the Whole 30 instead of some of the other ‘Paleo challenges’ out there is because of the strict prohibition of treats. I need to go cold-turkey, and I need to do it for at least 30 days. I need to throw these ingrained bad habits out the window. And I definitely need to stop having coffee in the afternoon (for so many reasons)….Wish me luck!


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