That Sweet, Sweet Cold Brew

photo (66)As the weather cools off here in New England, I’m still hanging on to the cold brew that’s gotten me through a long, hectic summer. Things I love about cold brew:

1) Using this technique to brew coffee (and tea, for that matter) takes away that bitter aftertaste, my least favorite part of coffee-drinking. Cold brew is deliciously smooth.

2) It really goes without saying (but I”m gonna say it anyway) that on a sweltering summer day, nobody wants a steaming mug of tea or coffee…right?

3) Most important to me, now that I have an eight-month-old who is an enthusiastic and not particularly patient lover-of-breakfast…Cold brew is so easy in the mornings. I can have coffee in the time it takes me to grab a glass, unscrew a mason jar lid and pour the brew into said glass. No grinding, no waiting. Just an instant cuppa happiness!

So that you can share in the joy, here’s the recipe:

COLD BREW TEAphoto (71)

You’ll need:

a 2-quart mason jar with lid

8 organic tea bags (or 2 tbsp. loose tea)

filtered water

photo (72)


1) Put the tea bags in the mason jar and top up to the 4 cup mark with filtered water.

2) Place lid on jar and refrigerate for 12-20 hours (depending on how strong you like your tea).

3) Take out your tea bags (they can go into the compost!) and fill your jar to the top.

4) You’re done! The tea will keep in the fridge for 5-7 days…but mine doesn’t usually last that long!


You’ll need: photo (87)

a 2-quart mason jar with lid

1 cup of organic, fair-trade* coffee beans

filtered water

cold brew filter (I use a Coffee Sock)

*Check out what one of my fave farmers/food bloggers has to say about why it is important to buy fair-trade coffee here.

photo (82)Instructions:

1) Grind your beans.

2) Place beans in cold brew filter and secure (so they don’t escape!).

3) Put the filter into your mason jar and top up to the 4 cup mark (or enough to cover the coffee completely).

4) Lid your jar and let brew in the fridge for 12-16 hours.

5) Let your grounds drain into the mason jar, then remove filter and grounds from the jar.

6) Top up the jar to the 8 cup mark with filtered water. Done! Lasts for up to two weeks in the fridge.


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